Sewing Accessories for All Sewing Rooms

If you have just invested in a new sewing machine, or found a good one through a secondhand dealer, it is likely that you have dreams of all sorts of wonderful projects floating around your head. Before you get too into those daydreams, however, you have to stop and consider the additional sewing accessories required to make those clothes, quilts, curtains, pillows, toys, and other crafty and creative goods.

Visualize the Working Area

Most of the time, people new to sewing have to set aside a special work area in which to do their new hobby.

They will make room for a small table or desk to hold the sewing machine, maybe they will install a good lamp and put up a bulletin board for notes and images meant to inspire, but they may forget all of the other essential sewing accessories.

A detailed list of the absolute "must haves" includes:

Organizers are Key

Of course, you can have all of the finest sewing accessories in the world and still produce zero output because your space is not organized. This is why the last essential accessory is a desk or station with plenty of storage options to keep everything safe and accessible.

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