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The Michley/Tivax firm proclaims itself to be a maker of “time-saving, labor reducing and pocketbook pleasing appliances especially designed for American households”. When you see that they manufacture portable televisions and lightweight electronics, it is easy to guess that most of their sewing machines would qualify as “smaller” models than normal.

For the most part, they are, and yet they still contain an impressive array of features and functions.

Their current range of machines includes:

Though the handheld machine is limited only to the simplest functions and repairs, all of the other machines are capable of handling everything from repairs of garments to the actual creation of them. There are limitations in terms of the weights that these machines might handle, but most can be used for lightweight quilting and traditional sewing tasks.

The Pros and Cons of Michely Sewing Machines

One of the most popular models is their desktop LSS-505. At an affordable $90 suggested retail price, it is truly the ideal “starter” sewing machine for people of all ages. It is a very lightweight machine, but has eight stitches, thread rewind functions, a hand or foot pedal option, and more. The downside is that it is extremely small at only 12″ in total length and only 11″ high. This can be a functional machine, certainly, but it would be extremely challenging to do any serious work with.

When looking at the other smaller or portable machines, it is easy to see that they provide many of the same functions and features. Their pricing is appealing, but if you are considering serious garment making or heavier sewing work, they just won’t cut it.

The much larger SS-602 is a classic sewing machine, and comes with the standard pricing of roughly $130. This is definitely a competitor with other popular makers and provides the sewer with double thread and speed features,

twelve stitch patterns that are all completely adjustable, automatic thread rewinding, reverse sewing, hand or foot powering, and a lot of useful accessories. There are really no “cons” to this machine. It is an ideal household tool that can be used by those unfamiliar with sewing machines and by experienced sewers making garments or other items.

The company’s website is actually another “pro” for the machines because it is truly one of easiest sewing machine websites around. Clear and precise product descriptions, an easy to use shopping cart, and free downloads of the user manuals for all of their models makes it a great resource. There is also a handy comparison tool that lets you line up each of the machines to do a side by side comparison as well.

Because the company makes refurbished equipment available, the website is a wonderful option for the bargain shoppers out there too.

Of course, a major “con” for many sewing machine makers is the fact that they do not make themselves available to the global market. Interestingly enough, though Machely pitches itself as the maker of machines for American households, their online shopping cart allows you to ship your equipment anywhere in the world. They accept all forms of electronic payment, and this means that sewers with an Internet connection can get their hands on these economical and functional machines.

Naturally, the downside of being based entirely in the U.S. is that their international buyers may have difficulties with repairs, but the machines do not rely as heavily on digital displays and computerized functions as many other brands. This means that they are a safe investment for sewers everywhere.

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