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Throughout the United Kingdom there are many people returning to the days of homemade garments and fashions.

In fact, all over the world many people are trying to cut expenses by doing things on their own whenever possible. One of the most enjoyable of the budget options is to make your own clothing, and the line of John Lewis sewing machines is really leading the way.

They have only a limited range of products, including the:

Each of the machines is designed for ease of use and simplicity. They all come with at least a full year guarantee, and are extremely well received by the buying public.

The Pros

On the positive side, the entire line of John Lewis sewing machines has been clearly well-planned. There are the essential features and stitches on each of the machines, and all of them are accessible with just the turn of a dial.

They all feature the wonderful “backward” stitch that allows the sewer to lift the button and return a few stitches in the opposite direction. When looking through customer comments about the various machines, it is common to find a lot of praise for the simplicity and reliability of even the “mini” models.

Many people are using them as “starter” machines for teaching young people how to sew and craft, and some are using these as daily “work horses” that can make garments, handle repairs, and more.

One of the features that is so popular with the buying public is the fact that the JL110 and the JL Mini machines come in the “colour block” options. This means that the buyer can choose from many super saturated colors that include orange, aqua, raspberry, and dual colors such as purple and green or teal and purple.

This is sure to spice up the sewing room and act as a further reflection of the owner’s unique and artistic style.


On the not-so-positive side, the John Lewis machines are available only to limited markets – at this time they are available directly to UK buyers only through the company’s website.

They can be quite costly for “starter” or lightweight machines with price tags of £99 or more. The top of the line JL250, which comes with a digital display, an enormous library of stitches, and a heavy duty motor is currently retailing for around £269, which is a bit high for a machine not specifically designed for one particular type of sewing.

Some consumers do complain too that the basic and Mini machines have a flimsy or very lightweight feel to their components. Many have expressed concerns that the bargain machines (meaning the Mini and the JL110) seem to have easily damaged foot pedals as well.

In Conclusion

Though there are a few “cons” in the John Lewis line, there are far more “pros”. These are good all around machines for those who want to make garments of any kind (just be sure to buy the heavier models if you want to stitch through leather or denim), handle some quilting or crafting, or even do a combination of both. We would recommend investing in the JL250 if you are hoping to utilize the machine in a number of different ways.

If, however, you are looking for a lightweight, portable, and very convenient machine to handle small repairs and some early experimentations in sewing, their economy models are an ideal option. They all get very favorable reviews and comments from their owners, and they will even allow you to dress up the work area with a splash of color!

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