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When you hear the words, Swiss design, it usually equates to a very high quality product. This is true of all of the different Elna sewing machines, and in this brief review we will explain why this is such a popular global brand.

Before we do that, however, let’s just make one thing very clear: the only “negative” or “con” we can provide about the wide array of Elna sewing machines is simply it is very easy to feel overwhelmed by the number of machines available.

Consider that you must choose first from:

From each of these categories you must choose from another selection, and each of their available models is truly feature rich. So, it is extremely challenging to actually choose the right model. Naturally, Elna sewing machines are such an innovative group that they have recently created an “all in one” model that is soon to be released to the public as well!

You might reasonably ask just how many models is too many? In their sewing category alone they offer more than 15 models. Naturally, these range from the high end and advanced machines especially designed for their purposes. The Elna 9600 is called the “Haute Couture” and is capable of quilting, sewing and embroidery.

At the other end of the spectrum is their Nouvelle Mini that features all of the essential stitches, but weighs in at a lightweight 2.2kg and is sized to fit on a student desk, a small table, or the tiniest apartment.

Choosing from the Many Elna Sewing Machines

Though we identify their huge product list as a bit of a negative, we have to also accept that this means that the company is striving to make an ideal machine available to a sewer of any kind and at any level. There are affordable starter models and advanced machines with very specific intentions in mind.

This is good news for those with limited budgets and space.

Rather than owning one of the smaller Elna sewing machines for garment making or quilt piecing, and another for the heavier work, the firm makes machines that can handle it all.

With that issue cleared up, we also have to point out another slight negative, and that is that the prices for Elna sewing machines can be hard to find when doing basic research. For example, it is not unusual for someone to want to know the cost of the top of the line 9600. With more than 347 stitches, 13 buttonholes, libraries of embroidery stitches, hoops to use for projects of different sizes, and an impressive range of functions, it is obviously something to seriously consider. Unfortunately, Elna sewing machines are not readily available through online distributors and prices are not advertised or readily available.

In Conclusion

With their remarkable range of models, top of the line Swiss design, obvious dedication to offering the many sewers of the world a good array of options, and their world class reputation, it is obvious that any of the Elna sewing machines is a wise investment.

It will take time for the average buyer to determine which machine is the right one for their needs, and they will also have to phone around to various dealers to find the best price. The company’s website is well done and makes it easy to find a local dealer in any part of the world, and even gives contact information.

The quality of the machines is well worth the price and the firm’s devoted following of owners stretches back into the 1950s, with some people still holding on to their very first Elna machines!

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