Baby Lock Sewing Machines


There are not many brands of sewing machines that can really “stump” a buyer right from the start, but the enormity of the list of available products from Baby Lock sewing machines is a bit of an impediment to an easy purchase.

Here is an example: We began to explore the available Baby Lock sewing machines by heading to their home page. There we learned that they had more than two dozen “sewing machines”, an almost even number of embroidery machines, a long list of quilting machines, serging machines, long arm quilters, and their proprietary “A-Line Series”.

The A-Line group is meant specifically for those who want to make their own garments in the most optimal ways.

They have some of the finest features we have ever encountered and could really facilitate the novice dressmaker right up to the top of the line fashion designer. These machines are also great for those who want to make interior decor items too. They have all kinds of built in stitch libraries and embroidery patterns as well.

The Baby Lock sewing machines are available for the very beginner, and it is best to use the company’s “Match Maker” tool to identify the right machine for your needs. You could choose from totally computerized and touch screen models to more classic and traditional “manual” functions.

The Pros and Cons

Obviously, we have already made it clear that we feel that the company may make it a bit too overwhelming for a novice sewer to make a choice.

In fact, we truly believe that some may be so intimidated by the professional qualities of the machines that they immediately look elsewhere. This would be a tragedy simply because they do have some wonderful “beginner” models that could transition into advanced models as the sewer learns their particular type of sewing.

Another “negative” is the fact that they are a brand that seems limited to availability in the North American area. Even with this limited market, however, Baby Lock sewing machines can be a challenge to find.

This is because they are available from retailers only, and this can make it hard to know if you are getting a good deal.

For example, at the company’s website, none of the Baby Lock sewing machines are shown with any sort of retail pricing.  Instead, the dealers will let their buyers know what the current pricing is for their machine. This has left it possible for a dealer to charge $599 for a mid-range machine while another asks for $299 and gives an additional discount.

Essentially, those who want one of the Baby Lock sewing machines will have to be ready to do a lot of research and leg work in order to get the exact machine desired and at a reasonable price.

On the positive side, the company makes it easy to find the perfect model by giving free access to the Match Maker tool and by making one click comparison tables available too. The buyer who wants to do the research and identify a few models of interest will be able to then do comparison shopping between their local dealers in order to find the very best price.

In Conclusion

Is all of the research and leg work going to be worth it? We believe that the Baby Lock sewing machines get such favorable responses from their owners, and meet such a diversity of demands, that it would be silly not to recommend them highly. They are designed with specific tasks in mind but can be found in multi-tasking designs which can end up saving a lot of money, space, and time.

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