Tips for Buying a Sewing Machine

Whether you went to a quilt show and decided that it is a hobby you want to enjoy, or you saw someone wearing an outfit that they made with their own hands, or you visited a friend who had the coolest curtains or decor which they made from materials purchased at a fabric store, it all begins with the right machine.

Yes, buying a sewing machine is the first and most vital part of learning how to make your own garments, household decor, and more.

The problem here is that so many people feel that sewing machines are all alike, except for the fact that some of them have more stitches or settings than others. While that might be partially true, it is a dramatic oversimplification.The reality is that you have to consider many factors before heading out and buying a sewing machine.

Let's take some time to review them all...

The First Question to Ask

Most of the time, you begin the process of choosing and buying a sewing machine by asking yourself what you intend to do with it. Obviously, you will be sewing stuff, but what kind of stuff? Do you intend to do a lot of quilting and embroidery? Will you use the machine with heavier upholstery fabrics? Maybe you want to do only small crafts? Is your intention to use the machine entirely for making garments?

Each of these questions could point you towards an entirely different machine. For example, the person who is going to make a lot of clothing would want to consider a machine that has "serging" capability while the person doing the quilting and embroidery might consider only the specialty machines designed for such purposes.

The Second Question

Once you know just what you intend to do with the machine, you have to then figure out your available budget. Sewing machines can be found in a diversity of pricing options and you could easily find machines suited to your intentions ranging from a few hundred dollars to almost one thousand (and sometimes even more!).

Knowing what you could realistically spend is a great way to narrow down the options.

After that, you can begin to determine which machine is your ideal solution by actually seeking dealers or stores with the machines on display.

Another Question to Consider

When you are buying a sewing machine, you may feel tempted to just go online and choose a machine based on price, features, etc. This is perfectly fine if the dealer has a reasonable return policy, but if you cannot actually see the machine in person, and even use it for a short time to get a good "feel" for its quality, you may be setting yourself up for trouble.

For example, you may see a good machine at an online vendor for around $150. You like what you read about the features, and you order the machine for delivery to your home. When it arrives, however, you see that it is a very lightweight machine and not likely to perform all of the tasks you had hoped. Had you visited a dealer and used the machine for only a few minutes, you would have seen it wasn't exactly what you had hoped.

This also brings us to another major factor about buying a sewing machine, and that is finding someone to service it when necessary. Though sewing machine maintenance is very simple, there are times when a professional is needed. Often, repair services can be found from locations that sell new and used machines. This would be a good way to get a feel for a model before actually buying a sewing machine.

It is not complicated to determine the right machine for your needs and budget, but avoid trouble by actually seeing a machine "in person" before making the purchase.

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