Industrial Sewing Machines

An industrial sewing machine is one that can be employed on a wide variety of tougher textiles such as leather, canvas, books, jeans, shoes, plastics, etc.

Many industrial sewing machines are programmed to perform just one task in a manufacturing plant, for instance to sew one design of blue jeans on an assembly line or to make one type of leather jacket. You can purchase a machine specifically constructed to sew pockets on pants or to set belt loops. You can purchase a machine to sew sails or wetsuits.

Industrial-strength sewing machines are usually used in factories rather than homes.

They are the machines that can do the work of dozens of textile workers. Because these machines are far more powerful than the usual lightweight, domestic machine, they can be pretty expensive. A top of the line machine can cost a few thousand dollars and may be gargantuan compared to the size of a domestic desktop model. These machines usually come standard equipped with a large motor and a built-in table. They typically feature compound needle feed and upper alternating presser feet (referred to in the industry as a “walking foot”).

Because of the expense of these machines many people and companies choose to buy them used. This can be slightly risky but on the whole industrial sewing machines prove to be very durable over time.

You could own a machine for manufacturing carpets, umbrellas, or gloves. If you stop to think how many of the items you own had to utilize some sort of sewing process in order to get made you can be easily overwhelmed.

The chair that you are sitting on and the mattress on which you sleep every night were probably sewn by one of these industrial machines. However all the sewing results are not up to the machine. Sewing truly is an art and not every aspect of the craft can be automated. There will always have to be artisans present to monitor and supervise the work that machines do and to create new patterns and designs.

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