Viking Sewing Machines


Viking sewing machines are actually a result of a merger between White sewing machines and Husqvarna sewing machines. The actual name of the company is Husqvarna Viking. In 1689 Viking was founded as a factory for manufacturing royal arms in Sweden.

The company has been in the business of manufacturing sewing machines since 1872. Viking specializes in making sewing and embroidery machines for the domestic user. Viking does not sell industrial machines but does sell sergers.

Sergers are synonymous with overlock machines. They are responsible for final seams. The serger creates the seam that gives clothing a finished look. A serger will not replace a regular sewing machine but it will be complementary.

The Viking company’s high tech sewing/embroidery machines include the Designer I that comes with a touch sensitive laser crystal display. Using this screen the user can tell the sewing machine’s computer what weight and type of fabric is being used. The computer will then select the ideal stitch for your purposes. It is an automated sewing consultant that knows how to set the thread tension, thread length, sewing speed, etc.

Viking’s older machines tend to be better built than the more modern machines but consumers gravitate towards their more recent electronic models and are typically satisfied. The #1 model was a success but when the #1+ came along with an added embroidery feature, many consumers swapped the older Viking model for the newer one. Husqvarna Viking also publishes Zig-Zag magazine, a periodical for sewing, quilting, and embroidery enthusiasts. Its pages are full of creative ideas for sewing and decorating around the home.

Glossy images show women enjoying garden parties with homemade tablecloths and children building forts out of homemade quilts. The magazine definitely makes the sewing life look idea.

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