Pfaff Sewing Machines


Pfaff is a German sewing machine company whose genesis was heralded in 1862 by Georg Michael Pfaff’s construction of his first sewing machine.

Since that day over 140 years ago, Pfaff has become an internationally recognized corporation, supplying countries as diverse as Norway, Japan, and the United States with sewing machines. Older Pfaff sewing machine models were especially popular because the metal contraptions were so durable and resilient. You can still expect a wait to get a good model 1222, or any Pfaff model with a walking foot for that matter. They are still in high demand. More modern models that are electronic have needle up/down options, and indicators to alert you when the bobbin is empty are also sturdy and popular machines.

Interestingly enough Pfaff has developed a noncompetitive business relationship with the famous Singer brand. Singer of Hong Kong now owns Pfaff of Germany. It is not unusual these days to see these sorts of merges in the sewing machine industry. Sometimes rival brands are manufactured in the same offshore factories. Often a brand name will advertise the fact that their machines were designed in a certain country with a reputation for innovation or technological advancement (such as Japan or the United States) but actually build the machines in countries like Taiwan where labor is inexpensive.

That does not mean that the consumer is lied to however. Often the design is created in a think tank in the advertised country; it’s only the assembly that takes place elsewhere.

On the Pfaff website a customer has the option of downloading creative embroidery cards directly onto a home computer so the designs can then be uploaded into a Pfaff sewing machine. It is this sort of cutting edge technology that makes Pfaff stand out in the crowd of competitors.

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