Janome Sewing Machines


The Janome brand name did not come about until 1960 but its first machines were on the market almost one hundred years before that.

William Barker and Andrew Clark began manufacturing the “New England Single Thread Hand Sewing Machine” and the “Home Shuttle” in 1867.

These machines adopted the New Home brand name in 1882. Seventy-eight years later the New Home brand was purchased by a company in Japan called Janome (pronounced Ja-NO-me), which means “eye of the snake” in Japanese. Apparently the distinct needle that Janome produces resembles a snake eye.

This company tends to manufacture high quality and innovative top of the line models but the low-end models made for chain stores are typically fairly cheaply made and not recommendable.

Janome also makes Elna machines and machines for Sears. Janome specializes in bring professional quality products to the domestic market. Janome launched its Memory Craft 8000 in the 1980′s and it was one of the first of its kind to make professional embroidery equipment available to a home user.

Janome’s most recent advancement on the Memory Craft model is the Memory Craft 10001. This new machine is supposedly one of the easiest to use. With features such as PC links, scan cards, software, and programs the Memory Craft begins to sound less like a sewing machine and more like a product one would buy from a computer catalog. But as technology forges ahead the sewing machine follows.

There will always be improvements and innovations to be made by companies such as Janome.

People will always have a need for creature comforts and beautiful things, therefore the sewing machine market will continue to adapt with the times. Until people start wearing clothes made out of paper and sleeping under plastics rather than warm fabrics, the sewing machine market will show no signs of slowing its pace.

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