Brother Sewing Machines


Brother is another company that has diversified its product line.

Brother does not only make sewing machines but also items such as typewriters, faxes, and printers. Brother began as a Japanese company and did not open an office in the United States until 1954. In the United Kingdom, Brother is the leader in sewing machine sales. The company was established in Europe in 1959 by its mother company in Japan (the Brother Group). The year 2000 marked Brother’s sale of 30 million domestic sewing machines in its history.

Because of its diverse product line, Brother can advertise itself as the worldwide leader in fax manufacturing and the top retailer of laser printers.

The three essential businesses of Brother are Information, Fashion, and Communications. Their sewing machines of course fall under the umbrella of Fashion. In fact, Brother has a connection with the Fashion Institute of Technology of New York City and even sponsors an annual Brother Cup International Young Fashion Designer Contest.

The Brother industry is booming thanks to contracts with Disney and innovations in embroidery. For under $1000 Brother sells a “Disney Winnie the Pooh Embroidery Machine” that comes equipped with trademarked embroidery patterns that you are free to use on your own fabrics. Brother sells embroidery sewing machines with touch pad LCD screens and also less expensive versions of their once costly industrial machines, which can perform such varied tasks as sewing handles on mattresses and stitching tarpaulins.

Brother has recently begun specializing in quilting and even has a website devoted to the subject.

It is not only the multinational company that is diverse but also its interest and investment in all things “sewing.” In today’s market a sewing machine company cannot simply create a great embroidery machine; the company must make excellent industrial and inexpensive domestic machines as well. A diverse product line is the key to the success of a sewing machine company. Brother exemplifies this with its wide range of quality products.

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